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When you move your mouse over the image, click on the arrows to run through a small set of pages from our collection

  • Wide Screen Wide Screen
  • Mondrian 1 Mondrian 1
  • Mondrian 2 Mondrian 2
  • Black Bars Black Bars
  • Black and Red See Through Black and Red See Through
  • Red Slide Red Slide
  • Channel 17 Channel 17
  • Another Client's Look Another Client's Look
  • Funky City Funky City
  • Another Client in Wide Screen Another Client in Wide Screen
  • Try This! Try This!

Most of these examples are for clients or prototypes for clients approval. We hope this will give an idea of what is possible and the design requirements for our auction presentations. Of course you can come up with something completely different, borrow ideas from one to use with another or have your own design already made.

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