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Live from the Northern Beaches!

July 2014- Realvid Live has been working with LJ Hooker Avalon to bring you live auctions from their new office and auction rooms in Avalon. In addition to the main screen, an Order of Sale screen in the smart new foyer area will greet clients and buyers as they move up to the auction room. As with other clients who have a similar set-up, this Order Of Sale Screen will automtically update as each property is presented. Another switch enables the large window screens to also display the Order Of Sale and results the day after.

The first auction is slated for late September.

Realvid Live 2.3 launched

May 2014- Realvid Live 2.3 is available for all our clients.
Withing 2.3 are new improvements plus several additions to the data base.
This means for eaxample one can split the property address into two parts. For the suburb/town and the street address. Enabling more scope in the presentation design and more flexibility in dtada base search and reporting. Further additions include more spaces for extra agents, extra facilities space and a reserve report when printing out.

Sample video services for all our clients

Realvid makes corporate promotional videos, on-site property videos with The Property Studio, video segments within our auction presentations and property videos for marketing on the web and within each auction presentation as well. Our clients are already benefitting from our experience, attention to detail, professional voice-overs and background music including hosting for their video marketing of properties. Here are a few examples:

sample video

Property video from stills with agent intro

sample video

Property video from stills with agent intro

link to video

Property video with voice over only


Sample video without voice over


Sample property video


Sample property video with voice over only

Great Ideas No. 23 (Sold Prior)

Don't forget to publicise your successes. Even if that means properties that sold prior to an auction.
Send an image/video of the property that sold prior and we place it in the pre-auction loop, as Sold Prior. This is a service we always supply to our clients and at no extra cost. Don't let you successes go unnoticed!

Further to that, don't forget that, on the night, you can easily add a notification for a particular property like Sold Prior. Use the "Extra Text" box in Realvid Live for that property. It will show both in the Pre-auction Loop and on the first page of the property in the auction itself. or you can add things like a by-line, the name of the property, if its withdrawn, postponed, etc.

You can also do this in both our Bidding-on-screen and standard presentations.

April 2012 New improved Realvid Live 2.2 launched

Realvid Live 2.2 has just been authorised for distribution to our clients. With it comes a host of improvements, more additions to its interface and the ability to communicate to the web audience through a blog.

Along with the blog interface we have added several boiler-plate text buttons so that the operator can make quick entries in the blog for the most used type of communication. Things like "The Auctioneer is looking for an opening bid", "The property will be sold tonight" "Going once, twice three times..." and more. This gives the auction room even more direct access to each viewer and will be used more and more with internet bidders. The web page now shows these short messages in a new section.

And most importantly, Version 2.2 will be the base for our live bidding system. Already in beta, bids from the net is now available. Please give us a call or contact us for more information.

January/Feb off season 2012

This period in the east coast is traditionally slower than the rest of the year. That's why it's a good opportunity for our clients to make major changes to their presentations. Introduce new elements or redesign the whole lot! We also have more time for demonstrations, training and consultation. So please take up this opportunity, and give us a call or e-mail.

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October 2011 New Auction Rooms

Realvid Live goes into Auctionworks new City rooms.

Auctionworks opening

The state-of-the-art rooms in 50 Margaret Street Sydney have recently opened to great acclaim. A large wide-screen supported by 2 LCD displays dominate the main auction room that can seat over 100 buyers, sellers and their agents. Further screens in the foyer area repeat the main presentation, display the order of sale and update the results automatically. More screens in the numerous sign-up and negotiation rooms can switch between the presentation or promotional material for Auctionworks, Auctionsworks sponsors and clients.

Auctionworks rooms

Every auction is cast to the net using Realvid Live. It can be accessed from the Auctionworks site and our own site. Each property has its own page and is displayed automatically when they are introduced in the auction room. Over 30 properties were auctioned in one day recently. The popularity of the auction site is increasing with each week with its excellent auctioneers, well appointed fixtures, professional service, proximity to the centre of the city and public transport.

Auctionworks OOS screen

Realvid had a large input into the design of the system so that 8 displays run different presentations simultaneously with only 2 machines needed to run the whole system. Other innovations for this exiting new room include a Yield display. The operator can display a commercial property's current yield on-screen if and when they need to.

For more information on Auctionworks or to make a booking, visit

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August 2011

Realvid's new bidding system close to completion.

Realvid Live, the new bidding system that sends each bid to a web page while recording it locally and on our server simultaneously, is reaching completion. Already at beta stage for some time now we are inviting demos, comments and interest from all our clients.